High Speed Internet Solutions

wholesalecomms understands that getting the right internet connection for your business is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

wholesalecomms understands your communications hardware is only as good as the internet service it’s operating on.  A slow or disrupted connection could be catastrophic to your business. Reliability and speed are essential ingredients for positive business growth.  wholesalecomms can increase the growth of your business by giving you the internet capabilities and reliability you need.

All our solutions are designed to make your business systems operate faster and smoother.  wholesalecomms offers simple plans, no surprises and no hidden charges.

Our communications experts will formulate the best plan for your business.

Below are some of the technologies we support:

wholesalecomms understands the detrimental effect poor connectivity is having on some Australian businesses.  Plenty of NBN connections work just fine, however, if you are faced with slow connections, congested providers, or simply no support from a Carrier or NBN Co, then not only will this hamper the efficient operation of your business, but you may feel confused about how to rectify this.  wholesalecomms can provide an alternative.  4G broadband connects using the same networks used by your mobile phone.  All you need is a decent mobile signal and this option can work wonders for your business.

Experience the freedom from NBN Co infrastructure, NBN Co technicians, and expensive cabling to your building.  4G broadband is already the backbone for security and banking services.  Our communication experts will give you all the options available and tailor a package to suit your business needs.  Achieve super-fast, extremely cost effective, portable and reliable 4G for your business Voice and Data needs.

wholesalecomms has a private network to provide your business with the NBN service it deserves. NBN can fail or succeed depending on its implementation.  Do you want a clear recommendation of the best NBN options available to you?  Do you want to be kept informed as the connection progresses?  Do you want an expert to handle all aspects when things are out of your control?  Do you want minimal downtime to your business?  If the answer is yes, wholesalecomms needs to be your NBN provider.  With our local company project managers looking after your NBN connection from beginning to end you can sit back and relax.

Once our local team connects your NBN service you’ll notice the difference immediately.  Our friendly customer service team will also available for the life of your NBN connection with wholesalecomms.

wholesalecomms can provide your business with top tier fibre solutions.  Need a reliable, fast fibre service?  Then wholesalecomms is the smart choice.  Need a customer service team who will listen and implement your requests, then wholesalecomms is the smart choice.  wholesalecomms will tailor a fibre service that suits your business needs and gives you control on how your business accesses the world.  All our services offer symmetrical speeds and unlimited downloads.


Get the same rates as big business and save on your business phone bill. No minimum spend, no minimum lines - our great rates are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Never speak to an overseas call centre again! We are 100% Australian including our support - get the customer service experience your business deserves with no queues or robots.


We offer you one simple bill for all your telecommunications needs. Cut out needless paperwork and multiple bills and simplify your telecommunications with us today.